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Live demo

How versatile is FolderCMS? Look at this website. It's powered by FolderCMS. Does it have to look like this? No!

Click here to browse this entire website with a look and feel from the 90s! Note the different menu placements and styling.

When you're done looking around, navigate back here and click here to make everything go back to normal.

(You won't see a change if you click the link the version of the site you're currently on.)

What's happening here?

Two very different website templates, constructed in very different ways. While the original template uses new HTML standards and CSS for a fluid site layout, the 90s template uses an old-school layout method based on HTML tables.

The site content all comes from the same content directory, but not all pages have to be the same. Navigate to the home page for an example of alternate page content specific to this demo.

Another thing: As you navigate between the top level headings, not that the colour of the left-hand menu changes. This is made possible by the cascading templates feature of FolderCMS v2, which allows you to apply almost anything to an entire subcategory of content.