Download FolderCMS

Installation instructions

After you have downloaded appropriate distribution, extract it onto your local computer and read the manual.html file for installation and usage instructions.

Both the Windows and UNIX versions are identical, except that the Windows version uses legacy Windows-style text encoding which certain Windows programs (Notepad) rely on in order to display text files correctly.

Latest version

Windows version

Linux, Mac, UNIX version

Old versions

Download older FolderCMS and GD-CMS versions here.

Note: This distribution is encoded with UNIX-style line breaks. If you're a Windows user, you may see the lines running together in Notepad (stupid Notepad). Opening and then saving the files in Wordpad or EDIT will convert the file to Windows-style line breaks.

Make some noise!

If you've tried out FolderCMS, and found it useful, we'd love to hear about it. Fire off an email and let us know. We may even put up a link to your website. If you run into problems, we want to know about that too.