Our brand

We aren't like other tech organisations. In a world full of patronising and disingenous, fake-friendly corporate brands, we are the alternative. We aim to be everything that Silicon Valley is not. Our products are technical, but we respect your intelligence. Our logo has sharp edges, but we know you'll be careful as you peer in at the moving parts.

The logo

The logo represents three things:

  1. The initials of General Development Systems.
  2. A diagramatic form of a barred-spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way, home not only to our Solar system but hundreds of billions of other stellar systems as well.
  3. On a more abstract level, it represents a 'folded up' outline of mainland Australia, which is where this tech outfit is based. Unfold it by sliding the two halves in opposite directions along the central axis of the logo, then rotate clockwise slightly.