Keep things general.
Keep things simple.


A world where people are the masters of their own computing devices.


To fundamentally simplify computing so that smart people can create the future.


When combined combined with the limitless creativity of our users, our computing tools help to advance the state of all fields of science, technology and commerce.



The future exists in the minds of our users. Rather than over-engineer specific tools to help automate specific tasks that people face today, we prefer to create general-purpose tools that can be applied to the use-cases of tomorrow.


Simplicity means a fundamentally simple implementation, not masked complexity with the details hidden.

When computing systems are fundamentally simple, they become easier for users to understand at a technical level. Then they can apply them in creative new ways.


The user, alone, is in command of the computing tool and the actions it performs.


A lightweight tool that does a simple task quickly is more versatile than a bloated tool that does a fixed set of complex tasks slowly.


Simple programs can be combined to acomplish complex tasks.